Terms and Conditions

Dated: 15th of June 2015

  1. Livetake user
    1. A Livetake user is user that is using the Livetake Concert app, Livetake Engineer app or any Livetake webpages or affiliated services managed by Livetake.
    2. In the following, Livetake will include Livetake Concert app, Livetake Engineer app and any websites managed by Livetake.
  2. Your relationship with Livetake
    1. Your use of the Livetake app including the Livetake website is subject to the terms of legal agreement between you and Livetake. The terms form a legally binding agreement between you and Livetake
    2. The Terms apply to all users using the Livetake Concert app and Livetake Engineer app.
  3. Accepting the terms
    1. In order to use Livetake, you must agree on the Terms.
    2. By using Livetake you accept the Terms. You understand and agree that Livetake will treat your usage of Livetake as an acceptance on the Terms.
  4. Changes to the Terms Livetake reserves the right to make changes to the Terms at any time. The modified version of the Terms will be posted at http://www.livetakeconcert.com/terms and be made available in updated versions of the Livetake app. It is your responsibility to read the Terms. If you do not agree on the updated Terms you must stop using Livetake.
  5. Livetake account
    1. In order to use Livetake you will have to sign in using 3rd party services. By using these services to sign in you agree to the Terms provided by these.
  6. General restriction on use
    1. Livetake grants permission to use Livetake under the following conditions:
    2. you agree not to (or attempt to) disable or interfere with any security related to Livetake.
    3. You agree not to use Livetake or any content related to Livetake for any of the following commercial uses without Livetake's prior written authorization:
      1. the sale of access to Livetake
      2. the sale of advertisement or promotions placed on Livetake
    4. you agree not to use any automated system to harvest content on Livetake in a manner that sends more requests to the server in a given period of time than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time by using a public available, not modified web browser. Any usage of robot, spider or offline reader for harvesting is not allowed.
    5. you agree not to harvest information about users on Livetake, including account names.
    6. you agree that sharing any Livetake content must only be done for non-commercial use.
    7. you must not sell, copy, display, distribute, transmit, license or in other way exploit any Content for any other purposes without prior written agreement with Livetake.
    8. you agree that you are solely responsible under the Terms for any damage or tort that your usage may apply to others.
  7. Content
    1. as a Livetake user you may submit Content and you understand that the Content might be public available to others and might be redistributed to the public by others. Livetake does not guarantee any confidentiality.
    2. you retain all your ownership rights to your Content, but you are required to allow Livetake to eventually use, distribute, broadcast, copy, edit and sell your Content.
    3. you understand and agree, that you are solely responsible for your own Content and the consequences of posting and sharing on Livetake as well as sharing Content outside Livetake.
    4. you agree that you will not upload or share any Content that is unlawful for you to posses in the country where you are located.
    5. you agree that you will not upload or share any Content containing any third party copyrighted material unless Livetake has a formal agreement and makes the content officially available to you through the Livetake app.
    6. you agree that you will only upload material related to events supported by Livetake.
    7. you agree that offensive or illegal material, such as pornographic and violent content, is not allowed. Any violations to this may be reported to the authorities and the user will be restricted to use Livetake.
  8. Privacy
    1. Livetake gets access to the following Personal Data: your email and your full name.
    2. Your Personal Data will be encrypted and kept on Livetake servers until you cancel your relationship with Livetake.
    3. Your Personal Data will not be passed to any third party partners outside Livetake.
  9. General legal terms
    1. you agree that Livetake can notify you about upcoming events, changes to the Terms, by email or notifications through Livetake.